The City of Ft. Wayne Fire Department and St. Joseph Township signed an agreement on November 20, 2018 that will bring full time 24/7 fire service by the Ft. Wayne Fire Department, with multiple locations to the unincorporated area of St. Joseph Townships 5,500 residents and commercial buildings.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, the residents, as well as the developing commercial properties in the unincorporated area of the Township, will now receive the same Full Time 24/7 fire service by the Ft. Wayne Fire Department that the incorporated area of the township currently receives.

This new fire service provider for the unincorporated area of St. Joseph Township will address the ongoing regional and national challenges of maintaining an active and sufficient roster of a volunteer fire department. The new fire service will also address the unique local challenge of the townships unincorporated area commercial growth that will bring a different fire service approach.

The City of Ft. Wayne and St. Joseph Township worked for several months in an effort to reach an agreement that will enable the unincorporated area to receive this improved fire service. The two municipalities worked together to improve fire service to the unincorporated area that will better those who live and or do business in the impacted region. The cost of the improved fire service is expected to be the same as the township is currently budgeting for a volunteer department. This new fire service agreement for the unincorporated area had 100% support by the St. Joseph Township Board, as well as the St. Joseph Township Fire Chief.

It is without question that St. Joseph Township is grateful and appreciative of the volunteer department efforts over the years to serve the township-unincorporated area. The sacrifices and selfless acts of valor of our volunteer fire department will not be forgotten. 

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